You don’t have to take our word for it – below are a selection of testimonials from some of our clients:

Karen Mexted – Personal Assistant

Before joining Hamish Keogh Personal Fitness Karen was 10st 10lbs. She now weighs 9st 2lbs, has reduced her body fat to 25% and has become an aerobics teacher and fitness kickboxing instructor.

“Thanks Hamish for all of your motivation, support and advice”

Before - Weight 10st 10lbs, Body fat 34%

Before – Weight 10st 10lbs,
Body fat 34%

After - Weight 9st 2lbs, body Fat 25%

After – Weight 9st 2lbs,
Body Fat 25%

Kevin Tomes – Managing Director
Starting Weight – 20st 10lbs / End Weight – 17st 0lbs

“After being pronounced clinically obese with blood pressure approaching 170. In my first six months with Hamish I lost nearly four stones and within three months my blood pressure was back in the 120’s. The exercise programme Hamish gave me was never extreme, and always absolutely achievable. I can now walk longer distances, run for pleasure without knee problems, wear regular clothes, and best of all really like the way I feel. Thank you for everything Hamish.”

Before - Weight 20st 10lbs

Before –
Weight 20st 10lbs

After - Weight 17st

After –
Weight 17st

Emily Bishop – Secretary

“Thank you Hamish and the team for getting me into the best shape ever. I couldn’t have done it with out you.

Thanks again, Emily”

Tony Curtis

“When I met Hamish I has spent the last 8 years on a walking stick due to back problems. My mobility was limited, I was overweight and my confidence was at an all time low.

Slowly Hamish worked with my muscle groups and built them up a using simple Pilates type movements. After a period of time this enabled me to lose that walking stick. Since that point Hamish has worked with me on my diet (helping me to lose 2 1/2 stone). I now feel stronger and fitter each week, enough that I can now start to get back to a normal life as a professional dance teacher.”

Ekaterina Frolochkina

“I am a Russian student come to England to study and asked Hamish if he can help get me into best shape for beauty contest, I am now at my best because of Hamish training me hard!

I recommend Hamish for any person wanting to look good! Thank you Hamish Ekaterina. PS I won the contest!”

Ekaterina Frolochkina

Beauty contest winner!

Rachelle Holmes – Oxford gym instructor

“I highly recommend Hamish Keogh if you are serious and committed as i was to losing weight (2st) over 8mths as well as toning and shaping my whole body. I have never felt more positive especially in my profession.

Many thanks, Rachelle”

Rachel Holmes - gym instructor

Chris & Robbie Turner

“We hired the services of Hamish Keogh through the recommendations of friends and colleagues who train at our local gym, noticing how well they looked the weight they had lost. We hired Hamish to be our personal trainer and are very pleased in the results we’ve achieved in such a short time.

Thanks Hamish for help and motivation over the year Robbie & Chris.”

Sarah & Robbie Traube

“In the three years Hamish has trained my husband and I for our weekly workouts, we have power-walked through glorious Chiltern woods, boxed in our garden, run our legs off on a running machine and stretched over excercise balls! I also learnt useful and meditative Yoga and Pilates positions throughout my pregnancy, helping me deliver a strong and healthy baby boy.

Hamish has been very professional, understanding my lifestyle and how to work with me on my goals. He does not try to persuade me to undertake the impossible but manages to motivate me to go further than I otherwise would. He injects something new and fun in each session.

We cannot recommend Hamish highly enough, for his professionalism, knoweledge and enthusiasm. He has faultlessly delivered a health partnership that we cannot do without.”

Sarah doing pad-work with Hamish

Sarah doing pad-work with Hamish

Robbie and Hamish relax after training

Robbie and Hamish relax after training

Sue Reed – Midwife – Yoga Teacher

“Hamish has helped me lose 20lbs of body fat as well as toning and shaping the areas I wanted. Being that much fitter has greatly improved my performance with my yoga and dance classes, generally feeling much healthier in myself.

Thank you Hamish.”

Sue demonstrates a Yoga stretch

Sue demonstrates her flexibility

Sharon Webber – Information Controller

Sharon is a keen runner and cyclist which keeps her in great shape. At the moment Sharon is working on time and distance. Well done Sharon, keep the good work up, good luck with your new half Marathon – All at Hamish Keogh Personal Fitness.

Sharon on her road racing bike

Sharon on her road racing bike