The team dedicated to your health and wellbeing

Hamish Keogh personal fitness training is a name renowned in Oxfordshire for providing highly personalised fitness training and consultation to the private and casino uk sectors since 1996.

We help our clients achieve the results they want with a holistic lifestyle and wellbeing approach that goes beyond a simple exercise routine:

  • Diet, exercise and wellbeing advice tailored to you
  • A fitness assessment that looks at your own ‘unique starting point’
  • A plan that will build your personal strength and stamina at a pace you can manage, known as ‘functional core training’

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  • Look fitter and slimmer as a result of our varied fitness techniques
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  • Improve your health and inner wellbeing with our combined nutrition and exercise programmes
  • Enjoy working out and achieve a work/life balance

Feel supported

  • Our caring approach will keep you motivated
  • Professional coaching will teach you new fitness skills and help you improve your sporting performance

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Hamish Keogh

Hamish Keogh